Adult Development Classes

PictureThe Arc offers many development classes to enhance the sensory motor skills as well as allow individuals with disabilities the chance to explore their skills in ways that improve their everyday lives.

Art: Students work with a variety of methods and mediums, including marker, paint, charcoal, pencil, crayon and clay while learning the affects each medium brings to their work.  The use of cardboard, papier-mache, clay, and other objects brings the three dimensional aspect of their artwork to life.

Gardening: Participants cultivate the ability to design and prepare flower and vegetable gardens as well as care for them.  The class also explores the differences in perennials, annuals, trees and different techniques for their care.

Cooking: This class helps our clients explore the different food groups and their benefits while building menu items.  The use of grocery stores and appliances in the action of preparing a meal are discussed and practiced.  Individuals learn the proper way of table setting as well as serving a meal.

Finance:  Students work with money in all its forms including coin, paper and checks to learn how to count, make change, write checks, balance a checkbook, as well as planning and maintaining a budget.

PictureLiterature: This class uses books on tape for class discussions and gives individuals the option of reading books or poetry to the class.

Communication:  Participants discuss relevant issues such as etiquette, social relations, current events, personal hygiene and letter writing.

Fitness:  This class promotes healthy diets, portion control and the importance of exercise.  We perform a variety of stretching, weight lifting, and walking exercises to help maintain strength, weight and overall health.

Sewing:  Students learn the art of sewing from the basics of threading a needle, progressing through stitching, to using a sewing machine. During the course items such as pillows, aprons, quilts and pajamas are made by the students.

Ceramics:  Participants use clay to form plates, bowls, vases, characters and free-form objets d’art.  The class learns correct consistency for different forms of modeling, the use of molds, as well as the correct glazing procedures for different pieces.

PictureCrafts:   This class employs the use of many different mediums to create a wide variety of items such as handmade paper, scrapbooks, jewelry, and seasonal items.

Foreign Language:  Students explore different cultures through language and learn the similarities of languages through translation, spelling, and pronunciation.

Stamp Collecting:  Students utilize motor skills, memory and hand-eye coordination to recognize stamps from around the world and different periods in history to build collections.