Vehicle Donation Program

Have an old vehicle in your driveway or backyard?  The Arc Arkansas accepts donations of ALL cars, trucks, motor cycles, boats (with trailer) and RV’s, regardless of the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicle Donation LinkThe Arc’s vehicle donations program
is managed by the Arc of the United States. 
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Donation is simple and easy.  Donors who wish to donate a vehicle can call the Arc’s toll free line at 1-877-272-2270.  Please have your car’s title in hand when you call as the representative will need information from the title.  Be sure to specify that your donation is for “The Arc Arkansas”.  The Arc will then arrange to have your car picked up or towed (at no cost to you.)  You will then receive a receipt directly from the Arc of the United States. 

Please remember to designate our chapter (The Arc Arkansas) and we will receive 90% of the new proceeds from your vehicle donation!